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Jesse James

Nickname JJ

Jesse James is mostly known as “JJ” was rescued from the kill pen in October of 2016. When he arrived he was by Phoenix’s side and was about 4-5 months old. Life has not been easy for him. Since he has been here he has had a bad infection in his face, gotten stepped on by his mom which has resulted in him having a minor fracture in his leg, which has also caused him to pull the tendons in his other leg and he had to have an orthopedic shoe put on his leg to correct it. With all this said he had 6 months of stall rest and only go on small hand walks.


Onyx is a black quarter horse. She was rescued in October of 2016. When she came to the farm she was 8 months pregnant. Around a month later she aborted the pregnancy. The baby never had a shot at health, it had a twisted neck and was black and blue from being kicked while inside her mother. Onyx loves to be brushed and to have treats. She is trail safe and is available for on the farm Lease.


Nickname Taco

Tacoma or as he is know around the barn as “Taco” was rescued from the kill pen in August of 2016. He was a quarter horse racehorse and slowly he was slipping back in his placings. After this he was used as a ranch horse. When he was of no use to them anymore he was sent to the kill pen were if he did not get saved he would have been killed. His face was beaten with large cuts and a dislocated tailbone due to being put in with mustang stallions. Tacoma is doing very well now. Tacoma is available for on the farm lease.


(Adopted) Bruce & Bueau are looking for their forever home.

(Update: Adopted!) These boys previous owner found himself homeless and wanted them to have a warm and stable home.  Please pray for us! These Saint Bernards need a lot of vetting. Food or donations greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

If you are interested in adopting please contact us!

(Adopted) Giselle the guinea pig

This little cutie is new to the rescue! 

If you are interested in adopting please contact us!

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